Author Info

I have been writing since childhood. My first attempts were based on the Oz series. Later, I wrote skits, poems, radio plays and short stories. Every year, I built a little more on what I learned through reading, traveling, life experiences and people watching.

What made me decide to tackle a full length novel? Despite wanting to write fiction, my career path plopped me into a doctoral program in Health Policy. It seem that the novelist in me was begging to be released because my dissertation adviser finally threw up hands, after countless revisions, and said “You sound like you’re writing a Flannery O’Connor novel.” I thanked my adviser profusely, left the doctoral program and hunkered down to write. Seriously write for the first time in my life. I self-published my first novel, The Promise of Fate, in 2015. My next novel, the second in the Remington River series, Widow Creek, has just been completed. The third novel in the series is shaping up.
I live in San Francisco and Lassen County. Once you get to know my writing, you’ll see that my love for the mountains means I’m finding higher elevations any chance I get.