The Promise of Fate

promise-thumbnailThe Promise of Fate, published in April 2015,  is  set in the fictional Northern California town of Remington River. A work of historical fiction, suspense and mystery, the story spans nearly one hundred years. From the rough mining days at the turn of the twentieth century, where the young wanderer, Asper Wingfield, falls for a beautiful Maidu woman, to modern times when another wanderer stumbles upon a long kept secret that endangers his very life. As the characters’ lives intertwine with events in Remington River, fates are questioned, challenged and accepted.


WOW! What a tale! Covering a 100 years of history of a small No. California town is no small task. I reckon there are not too many tomes out there that cover some of the history and culture of the small Maidu tribe of Native Americans, which lays down this books foundation. Covering multiple generations, the narrative links the past with the present, with the addition of some wild plot twists and turns, including a couple of murders, that keep the reader engaged until the very last sentence. A wild ride for sure!–Gregory Garcia

This is a book with many stories within the main story; which is about the people who are connected to a collection of four hand woven baskets and what these meant to the various people, scanning a century. The baskets have all kinds of value. They first belonged to Pompokom Farshadow’s Grandmother, who made and used the baskets and passed them down to her Granddaughter. They were of the Maidu tribe in the area of Remington River. What I loved most about this book was the build-up of suspense and what is going to happen next. Each story adds that spark of mystery and intrigue that keeps you completely involved with the characters. I read this book late into the night and finished it the very next day. I believe that Ms. Sarah Margolis Pearce , as an author, is a real force to be reckoned with. Her writing is raw and unapologetic. She tells her story her way, and I absolutely love that about her style. I can’t wait to read more from her. Her climax had a knockout punch that is worthy of praise!–CM Anderson

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